Create a Transformative 2023: Assess What’s Missing and Focus There

What will 2023 mean for you? If you’d like to make it a transformative year where you are more focused and content, I have an exercise that I highly recommend and use regularly with clients.

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

There’s a quick assessment called the “Wheel of Life” that can help you understand what is most meaningful and where your concentration is lacking. The assessment asks you to rank on a scale from 1-to-10 several life categories: career, health, family/friends, fun/recreation, romance, money, physical environment, and personal growth in order to reveal what truly is most important. The Wheel of Life can really put a holistic visual on where you currently are and where you want to be.

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. Doing assessments like these can help chart where you’re really dedicating energy and where you’re not — you can see where your focus gaps are and begin to prioritize based on that. Having this view can help you to shift your concentration for this upcoming year, and begin an actionable plan for achieving a more satisfying life.

Let me share with you how and when I use this tool in my coaching practice. I like using it when I begin a coaching relationship with a new client. It helps the client to step back and reflect on the various parts of their life. It can be an eye-opener about one area that needs attention, or it can be a confirmation that one area is lagging behind. Sometimes, it allows a realization of what goes great in our life, as a lot of us tend to look at the glass half-empty.

I also like to use it in my year-end coaching session with my clients. I always want to support my clients in pausing and reflecting on the year that went by, and where to focus for the year to come. This tool really supports deep and rich conversations in all these instances. It is simple yet very effective.

One outcome that I have noticed over time is that when a client starts to focus on one aspect of the wheel to improve it, often the other aspects start to improve as well. There’s a spill over factor. That’s the reason why I ask my clients to focus on one dimension at the time, even if there might be more than one where they want betterment.

Take a free assessment. It’s the first step to creating the 2023 you want.

So, what did you learn — where do you want to focus?

If you need help interpreting what your Wheel of Life results mean, or how to apply them in relation to your goals, reach out to me. I’m here to help you get an understanding of this birds-eye view of your priorities and focus, and develop a plan and ongoing support on shifting them to where you feel they should be.

I’ve coached many leaders and teams through successful transformations and finding their voice and purpose. Contact me to set up a consultation.

May this be the view you need to build a more balanced, happy and fulfilling 2023 – Happy New Year!

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