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I thrive by helping you find your own voice, while developing your leadership qualities.

Véronique Bogliolo

A Certified Professional Co-Active© Coach, International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach, and Certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner, I specialize in helping individuals and teams transform themselves to achieve their personal and collective goals.

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Everyone has a powerful and unique voice that's waiting to be heard. Teams and organizations have their own voices as well, which can make them accomplish wonders when expressed in unison. "Finding your voice" is a means of finding yourself, and mindful leadership is the key to unlocking the potential of all the voices around us.

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Individual coaching

Find your own voice with my one-to-one coaching programs: mindful leadership for executives, stepping up in leadership for women, transition and realignment through inner transformation, and self-discovery journey.

Team coaching

Team coaching aims to build positivity and alignment within a team. I help teams within organizations find ways to work together more effectively. I support teams in their efforts to find their own voice and determine whether it's the voice that suits them to face future challenges.

Workshops & retreats

I design and facilitate ad hoc off-site retreats aimed at aligning boards and other senior teams around a new visions. I help team members connect the dots and reach a higher level of collective mindfulness and self-awareness. I also design and facilitate workshops to develop leadership behaviors or emotional intelligence among managers or other leaders in your organization.

Tailored consultancy

Change is the only constant in organizations today. It can be natural and energizing, yet difficult to implement. I can partner with you about specific change processes in your organization. I will support you as a leader, as well as your human resources function, with my time and expertise to make your change process a success.

What they say about me

Gabriela W.

Vice President Partnership and Cooperation

  • Type: Team coaching, Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: New York City, USA
Véronique is an inspirational leader who has a true passion for improving people’s lives and has the right tools to make that happen. She performs her coaching work with professionalism, yet with a warmth and personal touch that only adds to her effectiveness. Her professional coaching training, paired with her long and successful career in multinational companies, positions her uniquely well to understand the complexities of corporate life. She is therefore an excellent resource to advise and coach high-level executives as well as corporate teams. She is a dedicated, smart and complete professional, who continuously seeks to develop new skills and keeps herself abreast of new tools. It is evident that she really cares about her clients and does her job with pleasure and dedication. I highly recommend Véronique as a coach both for individuals in different stages of personal and professional development as well as for groups of people that need to build or strengthen as a team.

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