How Being “Different” Makes You a Better Leader

Be proud of being different. It makes you a better leader!

Sometimes being in a minority, or having a unique point of view, makes you consider others opinions better. You are typically more empathetic, flexible, adaptive. Why? Because you don’t come from a righteous position — self-doubts are built in from asking yourself often, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Am I fitting in?” Having this built-in to your personality, and having the experience of embedding other’s point of views into your own introspection, enables you to listen to others with more humanity and humility. Being capable of hearing other’s ideas and understanding the humanity behind them makes leaders better people.

So celebrate diversity, especially in business. Encourage your people to be themselves, to bring their whole selves to work, not just the part that fits in a narrow frame-work of what is “normal” or “acceptable” or “the majority” — because being authentic and basing your approach from your hearth and soul creates a richer experience for all!

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