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DEI&B, It's More than Just the "Right Thing to Do"

Curious about the role diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging play in your business? DEI&B is an essential part of any thriving company, and it's more than just the "right thing to do." In this video, we discuss the meaning of this very special acronym, and the ways in which it will always remain relevant.

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Ways Leaders Can Create More Inclusive Environments

If you are a leader but are unsure of how to honour the diversity of your teams and encourage a more inclusive environment, here are three tips, plus an example of how it can work.

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How Being “Different” Makes You a Better Leader

Be proud of being different. It makes you a better leader! Sometimes being in a minority, or having a unique point of view, makes you consider others opinions better. You are typically more empathetic, flexible, adaptive. Why?

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No matter where I spent my year-end Holidays, each place brought a new perspective and renewed my hope

I have lived in many countries on many continents, and I’m often asked, which country did you prefer? It’s such a hard question to answer. Each of them brought me joy, tears, friendship, appreciation, personal growth, and contributed to who I am today.

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