How Can I Support My Team When I'm Not Feeling 100% Myself?

Don’t have the energy or full focus to really support your team? I’m hearing from many of my coaching clients that leading teams right now is harder.

In this video, I share ways to recenter yourself, and offer some surprising tips on how to make your leadership even stronger.

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A client of mine asked me, how can I really support my team when I’m not even feeling a hundred percent myself? I’m struggling with my own exhaustion. I’m overwhelmed by being catapulted into leadership that requires so much more energy, responsibility and follow through than ever. How can I balance all of this and truly be of support to my team? I thought those were really interesting questions. So here is my simple answer: Your team is your superpower, reveal its energy.

Check your own location

You’re not alone in this. First of all, recognize your emotion and feeling, observe your behaviors and notice the impact on your outcomes. In other words: See your own location.

Are you speaking from a place of self-assurance and leaning into your challenges? Or are you speaking from a place of anger, fear or frustration? All of that matters. You will or will not engage with your team depending where you are. So, deal with yourself first. Decide what the outcomes are that you want to get from your team. What impact do you want to have? Check your own location. Find a way and or a moment to speak from a place of engagement.

Engage with your team

Motivation, openness, perspective are all things that will completely change things and how you’re being received by your team. When you are ready, when the time is right, speak from your heart with humility and vulnerability. Share your story and hear what your team has to say. When invited to open up and co-create the path towards a new vision, new objectives, new strategic projects, more likely than not your team will appreciate doing their part. We all succeed by intelligently and creatively using our strength. You will finally realize that as you help reveal energy in your team, energy has a way of going around. You will receive the energy your team is creating. It will come back at you. You are not alone in this.

If you want to talk more about that, just contact me and let’s make some magic together. I’d be happy to talk to you about that and access your own energy so that you can sign initiating this circle of humanity.

Thank you.

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