How Can You Adapt to Constant Change?

Change can be overwhelming. In this video, we go over some tips on how to approach change and not be fearful of it.

People’s lives have been completely altered in the past two years, and it’s time we make change a part of our regular vocabulary and expectation.

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Change is hard

Today I’m going to talk to you about change, transformation and pivoting. Those were buzzwords before the pandemic, but now it’s like it’s all over the place. The level and intensity of noise around this word is huge. I think it’s because we all realize that we’re living in such an extraordinary period of time in history that all of us are required to change some aspects of our lives and some aspects of how we are doing things.

The reality is: Change is hard and it is really hard even when we know we must change. Since the early ages, we have learned about tricks and techniques to avoid really changing, because the unpredictability of the change outcome makes us very uncomfortable.

Immunity to Change

I really love the work that Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey from Harvard have done a few years ago, which they called “Immunity to Change”. Their studies showed that we all develop an immunity to change, which is the result of a tension between competing commitments. I’m going to take an easy example:

I want to be healthy. That’s one commitment. But I also like to drink, to go out, to eat and have behaviors that are not really going in the healthy direction. I’m holding both competing commitments. So how do I change when both of these things are true to me and important to me?

Leadership coaching for organizational transformation

Immunity to Change is why it is very hard for organizations to be changing. Until every single individual composing an organization is really ready and committing to change, an organization won’t easily transform. And culture will not change that easily either. The outcome of change, the outcome of transformation, can be so daunting and so dramatic that it can literally shape our life differently and affect the world profoundly. That’s why I’m here to help you change and support you and accompany you with love, care, tender resilience, compassion.

You can contact me on my LinkedIn page, you can follow me on my YouTube channel. I’d be happy to be chatting with you about change and transformation!

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