Love Makes the World Go Round — Even in Business

Love is an underutilized concept in business. And when you realize how powerful love can be, even in business, it can become your instrument of inner power and leadership. Your true purpose and calling can be found, along with the confidence you need to achieve it.

Executive coaching can help you find that passion you need to keep going in your career, or help you determine that maybe you’re giving unrequited love and it’s time to focus on something else. Here are some thoughts for you!

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Today, I want to talk to you about love and why we may not use this word very often. I am sure that you know that you can love your work, your career, your colleagues and your team. In fact, love is an underutilized concept in business. We don’t tell our teams or our boss often enough how much we may respect, care for and like them. But the reality is: we do.

Love and work

Nurturing those relationships is critical to success. Showing positive feedback and care will help your relationships bloom. In other words, we can love each other and really show it through our actions and words. Love is a verb, after all. Even in business, we use love every time we invest our energy, creativity and even patience in our day to day.

So, let’s explore love together. If you’re having trouble connecting love to what you do, to who you work with, let’s talk about it. For example, you may find that you are in an environment that simply does not nurture your passions or your outward expressions of care. Or you may find that you’re trying to validate yourself in the wrong workplace, industry, or field. Your energy is not being matched or respected.

All of these things can be worked through. Love can become your instrument of inner power and leadership. It’s what makes the world go round at the end of the day.

To read more of my thoughts on love in business, check my most recent LinkedIn article called “All You Need is Love” on the Bogliolo Coaching and Consulting page or follow me on YouTube for more insights on how to transform your leadership skills and achieve breakthroughs in your career.

Thank you.

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