Science is Progress — Even in Business

With vaccines really picking up in many countries, we are beginning to feel some relief and see a possible retreat of the ongoing COVID pandemic — and who do we have to thank most? Who has not only helped protect us, and are now helping to save us? The science community.

Built upon exploration, experimentation, research, data, trials and fact, science is progress. It has moved us amazingly quick from death and despair, to possibility and hope of recovery (in the U.S. and UK, at least).

But did you know how important science is in business? Did you know that leading and working using scientific methods can help you improve everything from customer experience to product relevance?

I personally as a leader moved from opinions and hunches to fact and data, helping to shifted my team. It made a huge difference in how we performed and even how we worked together. It was a new approach that proved to be worth the effort. But for some leaders it’s a big change. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot of logistics and tools to figure out, especially within teams. It also means no longer being the smartest in the room with the boldest ideas, but questioning what works best and asking others their thoughts and experiences, and testing different approaches and methods, quantifying outcomes.

I can help your team, or simply you as a leader, map out how to make this type of transformation. Because using the “science” (data, research, fact) we all have access to is the best platform for moving forward.

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