What Should You Do When You Can't Be Yourself at Work

Ever wonder what you should do when you can’t be your whole, authentic self at work or in other environments, such as with certain friends or family members?

If you feel highly uncomfortable, know you would be judged, or believe you would be discriminated against for being your true self, there’s one major thing you may want to consider doing. But it will require courage.

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If you really you cannot be yourself, your true self, and there is no safety for you in expressing it: leave. There is no point in staying in an environment in which you have to suppress who you are. It simply isn’t a long-term perspective.

You cannot allow yourself to stay in such a position for too long, because your mental health will be affected negatively in the end. If you feel that it is dangerous for you, that it can be toxic for you to be yourself at work, to be your whole self, then in the long-run you just have to leave.

Plan it, organize it, find the courage. Because you know what? It’s your life. And nobody should have the power to take over your life.

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