DEI&B, It's More than Just the "Right Thing to Do"

Curious about the role diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging play in your business? DEI&B is an essential part of any thriving company, and it’s more than just the “right thing to do.” In this video, we discuss the meaning of this very special acronym, and the ways in which it will always remain relevant.

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Good morning. In this month of June, I would like to share some thoughts with you about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, or DEI&B for short. This acronym represents more than just the right thing to do. It is essential for businesses and for people flourish more than ever.

What does DEI&B stand for?

The spectrum of diversity is wide and varied and I encourage you to spend some time on Google to see all of its dimensions. You will notice the trials and tribulations that some of these groups routinely face in workplaces whose cultures are slow to evolve from what were often places created by and for white men. At least in the Global North, where I live and spent most of my professional career.


Diversity stands for countless dimensions of human differences with a broader view towards differing perspectives. This means acknowledging that we are a global community and as such inherently different and beautiful. Yes, we are all beautiful.


Equity stands for the elimination of barriers that prevent equivalent access or full participation of all individuals. That means acknowledging that we are not all equal. It implies recognizing that flexible and adaptable rules that make room for differences to flourish is necessary. For example, think of the new law recently passed in Spain, allowing women to take time off when they have agonizing menstrual cramps. That is about recognizing their difference.


Inclusion stands for conditions in which all individuals feel accepted, safe and affirmed. This means that we adopt a mindset and a culture that seeks out difference with curiosity and an understanding of the potential within it, as opposed to alienating it. It is about embracing inclusion and the people that bring it.


Belonging is the consequence of these factors being in play, resulting in a true sense of self-actualization and team or company connections.

Today, however, I don’t want you to think about challenges. I want you to think about opportunities. What does that bring to your business or your team or your company?

It can feel overwhelming and that is ok

Today, however, I don’t want you to think about challenges. I want you to think about opportunities. What does DEI&B thinking bring to your business or your team or your company?

Diversity of ethnicity, gender, upbringing, ability, sexual orientation, they all bring with them one ingredient more crucial than any other for companies. Diversity of thought.

Each person’s unique background, life circumstance and experiences bring with them unique points of view that have the power to create profound shifts in your success. If you let them. The other side of the coin are your consumers or users you are addressing with your services or products. Ours is a truly globalized world and the diversity of your consumer base has to be matched by the diversity in your meeting rooms if you want your offers to resonate with them.

We don’t operate in a vacuum

Lastly, we must recognize that we live in the age of speaking up. Not only speaking up, but really acting up in the most beautiful sense of the word. Despite ever increasing economic and political uncertainties, people are now leaving otherwise stable jobs, because they don’t get what they need from their experience at work. Pay is no longer enough to keep your top talent. It is also no longer enough to attract it. I’ve heard and read about applicants turning down lucrative job offers, because the company’s diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging policies were lagging behind. People are realizing that they have a voice. And at least in our workplaces, these voices are asking for something not only beautiful and productive for businesses the world over, but they’re also asking for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

If you are finding yourself as a leader or member of a team struggling with the integration of different voices, reach out to me and be sure to follow Bogliolo Coaching & Consulting on LinkedIn if haven’t already. We can unlock your and your people’s potential together. Happy Pride!

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