I’ll Never Stop Learning — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either

When you’re a leadership and executive coach, you are obligated to keep your training and certifications up to keep your credentials active. Moreover, it keeps you current with successful techniques, the latest discoveries, and enables you to serve your clients at a much deeper and comprehensive level.

For me personally, I continue learning well beyond my required courses and certifications because the act of learning is one of my personal values.

I have this fundamental drive to stretch myself beyond what is required or expected, and I think when you have this “yearn to learn” it benefits yourself and those you work with. Being a lifelong student also stretches your mental acuity and triggers new neural connections in your brain — continuous learning is a great exercise for shaping better neuroplasticity.

Being an intensive student is embedded in my personality. When I was starting post-secondary school for instance, I did not take subjects that I knew I could easily learn on my own outside of a formal educational setting. Instead, I completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business and economics. After that I went on to study at LUISS Guido Carli University and Harvard Business School. I wanted to challenge myself and truly feel like I was pushing my mind the furthest I could.

Don’t Limit Yourself to What You Like

My philosophy is: “Go and do what you can do, not only what you like to do.” So rather than studying marketing or history, which I loved very much, I chose to get a master’s degree in finance/controlling. I knew I had the ability to do it and I knew it would require strong focus and discipline. In a way, I decided to stretch myself, I was motivated to go beyond my natural sensibilities and into unknown territory.

I’ve always been this way, an educational explorer, even as a young girl. This urge to unlock a new subject and advance to increasingly higher levels of mastery has never stopped. Even with learning languages, I’m not only fluent in my native tongue (French) but picked up fluency in three others along the way (English, Italian and Spanish). When I go into learning, I go big!

My reward in this is not a high score (although I do have some inner competitive spirit!), it is the ability it grants me to truly know subjects inside-and-out and to be able to apply that in my practice working with people and teams. I credit my extensive training in neuroscience and emotional healing, for instance, to enabling me to encourage clients into the direction of thriving and self-fulfillment.

Learning is Rooted in Curiosity

Without curiosity in your life, it can become quite easy to fall into patterns and stagnation. Curiosity is the catalyst to deeper learning about subjects that can carry your life and work into entirely new directions that are positive and rewarding.

This is why I highly encourage you, no matter how busy you may be at work, or how overwhelming your personal life can become, to take a pause for yourself and learn something new, no matter how small. Explore those subjects that ignite your curiosity and passion, or perhaps challenge you beyond your comfort zone.

Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be targeted either, not everyone needs or wants to focus their learning on achieving a degree or certification. That doesn’t make your learning journey any less important or beneficial.

About My Credentials

Véronique Bogliolo's credentials

My learning journey in coaching began in 2018. Since then, I’ve become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from CTI and a Professional Certified Coach from ICF. I specialized and trained over a year in Neuroscience, and I also trained in the Immunity to Change methodology of Professors Kegan and Lahey. I complemented my training with various tools, also became a certified practitioner of The Leadership Circle Profile and Hogan Assessments Systems. I aim at becoming an Advanced Certified Team Coach (ACTC) in 2023.

If you’d like to find out more about some of my certifications which truly enrich my coaching practice, you can visit my accreditation page. There you can see how intensively I’ve gone into the field of coaching, and studied related aspects which enable me to work in a very deep manner with teams and individuals.

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