How to Transform From a "Manager" to a "Leader" and Adapt

Shifting balances has become the norm as a result of recent events. How can we adapt? In this video, I explain the changes we’ve seen in leadership over the past two years and how although it might seem familiar, our new way of working requires a new perspective.

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Simply being the good manager and enjoying the managerial roles and responsibilities that you had until now simply is no longer enough. Over the last two years, the rise of remote work has changed dynamics within teams and your role as a leader and manager tremendously. Leadership has evolved and has changed forever. It is now a different beast than it used to be.

Managers Must Adapt to Stay Relevant

If you want to become a leader and not just remain an outdated manager, you will have to adapt. Adaptation is the name of the game and trust will be your solution to this game. Managers who want to become leaders need to dispose of the urge to micromanage. I’m going to repeat because that’s fundamental: Managers who want to become leaders will need to dispose of their urge to micromanage, because micromanagement is a form of control, the root-cause of which is a lack of trust. Your way of impacting your team will not be about telling them what to do, but about telling them what success looks like. Part of it is how to delegate intelligently, so that you can create the right space for your team.

To Be a Leader, Managers Must Practice Self-Care

One other important aspect that I think is very important for you becoming a true leader, is taking care of yourself, while obviously taking care of your team. You are a role model whether you want it or not. And your team will be looking up to you. So be very mindful of how you self-manage.

If you’re working long hours, you’re setting up an expectation for long hours, whether you intend that or not. Before you know it, you have inspired and induced a late working culture. Be mindful about what you do and remember that you can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself first. Transforming from a manager into a leader in this unpredictable landscape with no playbook can leave you not knowing where to start.

I Am Here to Help

I get that can be daunting. If you need help with this transition or if you’re struggling as a direct report of a manager who can’t let go and somehow refuses to become a leader, reach out to me. I can help. We can talk through your personal expectations and what you would like to change, as well as talk through your objectives in order to make this new world of work do for you what you want it to do. Because you deserve it.

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