Client Conversations: Véronique Speaks with Wanda About Her Coaching Experience

“You’ll become a better you. It’s like a full makeover,” is how executive coaching client Wanda described her experience with Bogliolo Coaching & Consulting. This comment is exactly why Véronique Bogliolo does what she does – to help high-potential and established professionals determine what they truly want in their careers and explore their inner strength to make it a reality.

Véronique coached Wanda through what she describes as “one of the worst times in my life.” As someone who had never done coaching before but was in need of direction forward, Wanda took a chance on hiring the executive coach. She now regrets taking so long to make this step. Her time with Véronique helped her explore her values, decide what she truly wanted to do with her career (and realize what she did not want to do), and become more selective about her future path.

Wanda is now embarking on a completely new opportunity and has created a unique work-life situation for herself. “You shouldn’t wait. It’s been a life-changing experience,” says Wanda about her time being coached by Véronique.

Watch the full video below to see what coaching was really like for this client, how it helped her move forward, and what it could be like for you.

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