The Future of Work: Ways to Progress & Practice Inclusivity

In honor of the 77th UN General Assembly and its International Labor Organization’s important work around The Future of Work – and how it ties into the broader Sustainable Development Goals – let’s take a look at how to manage your hybrid or dispersed teams more inclusively, and what to do if you have recently had your option to work fully remote change.

Creating inclusivity for all workers, colleagues and employees, will help shape us for the future of even broader, more dispersed teams in multiple time zones and of varying work styles and availability. Work is not one-size-fits-all and the days of it being hyper-local are over. To adapt, and to keep progressing, we must consider how we as individuals can adopt behaviors that help share a better, more equitable future of work for us all.

I hope this video helps you explore your role in shaping more inclusive, remote workplaces that open up possibilities and economic equity in better ways, and get us closer to this vision of the Future of Work.

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Remote Work as a Path to Greater Inclusivity

Today I want to talk about the future of work and how we can keep progressing. I think that if we truly want to provide equal access, opportunity and more sustainable practices for all while reducing things like gender bias, discrimination, or harassment, companies really need to reconsider hybrid work and call backs to the office.

This push that was started under the pandemic time in 2020 until now to work and - Learn entirely remotely was mostly a successful experiment that began to create a platform of more equitable work and opportunities for all.

Why Remote Work Brings Additional Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders

For leaders, there’s a new type of stress now, which is managing dispersed teams. Some may be remote 100%. Some may be in office a few days a week. Some may be at work all week.

So how do you create inclusivity for all while also helping to manage an ever broader and more dispersed team in multiple time zones with varying work styles and ability. If you think remote first and understand the needs of those employees, you can transition your company into a pioneer for progressive ways of working that helps to bring the future of work into reality.

If you’re a leader and you’re running hybrid teams, as most leaders are today, you have the opportunity to keep the progress growing by making sure your practices are flexible, empathetic, and inclusive. In prior posts, I shared my views on how to be a more inclusive hybrid leader. Some of these tips echo what remote-first companies are doing. It’s no wonder why so many people really want to work for those companies today, by the way.

You Love Remote Work, But They Are Asking You To Come Back

If you are an individual contributor and are feeling frustrated by what it seems to be the clock being turned back on you, you have some options.

Firstly, you can consider starting your own business. Carve out the life you want by going out on your own and doing it your way. But if going on your own is not an option, then you can always pursue work with companies who are more remote-first and provide the option to work from home exclusively. The choice is in your hands.

Being an Inclusive Member of a Team

You can always be an inclusive teammate in a hybrid team. For example, make sure that you ask your colleagues that are working remotely about their opinions and ideas during team meetings. If you are the one back in an office full time, don’t underestimate the power of your voice. Share with your employer why it’s important for some to be working from home a couple of days per week. Employees have way more leverage than they ever had due to the great resignation phenomenon. We can all create workplaces that are more accommodating, inclusive and open. Open new doors of innovation and making a living by basing our operations around the technology we already have, as well as technologies still emerging.

If you need any help thinking any of this through as a leader, company founder, or individual contributor, please consider speaking with me.

I help professionals and teams find their voice, take the mic and speak up on matters that are relevant and important to them. I’m here for you no matter where you are on your current journey, no matter what obstacle, opportunity or challenge you find along the way.


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