Tailored consultancy

Achieving organizational change

Change is the only constant in organizations today. It can be natural and energizing, yet difficult to implement. It can be easy to determine what needs to change, yet the knowledge and resources necessary for success may be lacking. The prospect of change can also be daunting; partnering with someone outside your organization can bring the fresh perspective that may be necessary to get started.

I can partner with you about specific change processes in your organization. I will support you as a leader, as well as your human resources function, with my time and expertise – from conceptualization to hands-on support during communication and implementation – to make your change process a success.

For this type of project, I team up with highly experienced partners as I am part of a wide network of international seasoned coaches, experts and facilitators who I can associate with in any project that would require more resources.

The main focus here is to assist you in creating the bridge between the factual requirements for change and the people in your organization so that they understand and support the process.

Examples for potential collaboration are:

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Culture assessment and change management
  • Organization engagement and alignment
  • New behavior development, including entrepreneurship and collaboration
  • Implementation of internal feedback systems

Interested? Contact me to discuss your needs or your project.