Individual coaching

Finding your voice: a path to personal success

Here are the individual programs I offer:

Mindful leadership for executives

  • For business executives who face challenges in their current roles.
  • Focuses on increasing self-awareness, developing effective leadership behaviors, and creating a vision of yourself that connects with your true voice so you can have the impact you choose to have.
  • Helps you develop future leaders in your organization through expression of your true voice.

Questions: What’s my voice? What impact does it have today? What voice do I want my organization to have? How can mindful leadership support me?

Stepping up in leadership for women

  • For women who are relatively new in leadership roles.
  • Focuses on identifying a personal leadership style, improving self-awareness, finding and defining a voice, developing effective leadership behaviors, and identifying and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Aims to help women lead teams successfully and effectively from the get-go.

Questions: What’s so special about a female voice in management? How can my voice be an asset in a masculine working environment? What’s my mindful leadership take as a female?

Transition and realignment through inner transformation

  • For individuals in the midst of a personal transformation, willingly or not, professional or not, and who want to realign themselves along the way.
  • Focuses on clarifying one’s personal journey and destination, and on gaining insight into what matters today and what doesn’t anymore, into where one wants to make an impact, and into how to develop a positive mindset about future unknowns.
  • Provides help to clarify objectives and establish a plan for moving forward, as well as support to implement changes.

Questions: What could be my future voice? How can my voice have an impact? Where should my voice move towards?

Self-discovery journey

  • For individuals who want to be fully aware of who they are and their impact on others around them.
  • Focuses on clarifying values and life purpose, on gaining insight into what matters, and on discovering one’s true calling.
  • Gather insights about how others perceive you, and learn how this awareness can help you have greater impact, leading to a personalized development plan.

Questions: What is my current voice? Is it the voice that I want? How do I craft the voice that I want to have?

How would we work together?

The structure and length of a coaching program can vary, but typically will last from six to nine months.

  • Initial discovery session and expectations setting:
    The first step in any coaching program always consists of clarifying the main areas you want to develop, the outcome you want to achieve, and how you will know that you have met these objectives. In our initial discovery session, we usually meet for about two hours to discuss these points, and to get to know each other better. This is also the time when we will establish the ground rules for our relationship and clarify mutual expectations. The points covered in the initial discovery session will be formalized in an Engagement Letter. We then set out the coaching objectives, outcomes, and measures of success in a written Client Form.

  • Learning process supported through assessment tools:
    Depending on the nature of our engagement, we might decide to use assessment tools to enhance and speed up your learning process. Typically, we use assessment tools during the first part of our coaching relationship so that we can use the learnings and outcomes later on.

  • Ongoing coaching sessions:
    We will meet every two-three weeks until the end of the agreed coaching assignment. These meetings can take place in person, or by telephone or video conference, depending on your preference. For in-person meetings, we will meet in a conference room at your office, or at a convenient off-site location.

  • Checking in and reviewing progress:
    We typically review progress mid-way through the program, and again at the end. During our last coaching session, we will evaluate the overall progress and agree on how you will sustain what you have learned.

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Curious about what goes on in these coaching sessions? Here's a glimpse into an individual session.