I am committed to excellence in the work I deliver. I am accredited by the world’s leading coaching bodies:

Foundational coaching certification

The field of leadership coaching is vast and here are my specialties.


Immunity To Change

Organizational Systems

Assessment Solutions

Emotional Healing

Other courses

I continue deepening some aspects of my work, with some dedicated courses and objectives:

In 2018, I participated in a Co-Active© Leadership Experience course offered by CTI, to begin my own journey towards mindful leadership.

In 2023, I completed the Co-Active© Leadership Program offered by CTI. It was a powerful, experiential leadership training program that included 4 residential retreats held over a 10-month period, with a cohort of 20 global fellow leaders.

In 2023, I took team coaching supervision classes by senior team coaches from Novalda (Leading change for a world of change | Novalda Coaching Calgary) to strengthen my practice.

In 2024, I will strengthen my presence as a team work facilitator, which I will mix with my neuroscience practice, attending a Facilitation Masterclass (The BEabove Facilitation Masterclass (

I will also deepen my Immunity to Change approach understanding by taking a seminar dedicated to the Introduction to the Robert Kegan’s Adult Development Theory (Subject Object Interview (SOI) Workshop | Minds at Work).

And more to come as I continue to develop my own voice.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Certified Co-active Professional Coach (CPCC) Trained on Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (BEabove) Licensed Trainer (BEabove)