Corporate work

I am proud to share some of my major achievements with my key global clients.

Since I started my coaching practice, I decided to continue having a global impact and international clients. This is who I am in my core, building on my 25 years of corporate life as a global executive.

I focused my attention and work to develop a portfolio of projects to expand my reach and to grow my impact. I stretched my skills and grew my knowledge beyond my imagination, having been in contact with such a diverse range of individuals, managerial levels, situations, cultural backgrounds, team dynamics or business issues, in very different industries.

Philip Morris International Inc.

For over 5 years, I designed and led multiple leadership projects in different part of the organization. I worked with the Global Marketing OC team and the Marketing Research and Insights teams for the Latin America & Canada region as well as the South East Asia region.

These projects consisted in a wide range of assignments, where I had the privilege to interact with clients with many different functions, roles and responsibilities, where I had to exhibit a whole panoply of skills and techniques, holding a strong business savvy hat at the same time.

  • I designed, led and facilitated a goal alignment retreat in person among the Global Marketing OC team of 25 people.
  • I designed and led team coaching and numerous leadership programs, among two Regional teams, Latin America & Canada, and South East Asia.
  • I provided individual assessments and coaching for newly promoted managers across the world, as a support to their development.
    And finally, I led a leadership resource group dedicated to professional mothers in Latin America & Canada.

United Nations

In the Division of Operational Support (DOS), for the Organization of Supply Chain Management (OSCM) team, I led several cohorts for a novel leadership program, implementing a major cross-organization worldwide cultural change initiative. In addition, this project included individual assessments and coaching of all the participants.

In DOS, for the Capacity Development and Operational Training (CDOTS) team, I led a critical cultural change program consisting of individual assessments and coaching for the entire senior management team, as well a designing and leading two in-person alignment retreats with this team.

Logitech Europe S.A.

I designed and led several LogiWomen Leadership Webinars as part of the Logitech’s Leadership Resource Group on-going activities dedicated to supporting women across the Europe, Middle East & Africa region.