My story

The following series of articles aim at taking stock of my own career, of how my voice came to be. The series will take you through the various stations I have passed through to become the person writing today — including their challenges, their opportunities, their confusions, their frustrations, their triumphs.

Leading with Courage and Integrity

How to have difficult conversations is a unique challenge that depends on the setting and people involved. Sometimes the best you can do is stick to your guns and trust the process.

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Becoming a Transparent Leader to Achieve Wonders

The story I want to tell you today came to pass in 2015. It was a time at which notions of inclusivity as we know them today were neither front page news nor part of any corporate culture playbook.

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Making It in Corporate Series: Gender Bias Hits Our Pay – Unless We Talk About It

For more than half of my career, I didn't realize that I was weaving my way through a world saddled with systemic gender-based discrimination and disadvantage in the workplace.

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