Jennifer P.L.

Editor in Chief, Journalist & Freelance Writer

  • Type: Individual coaching
  • Media sector
  • Place: New York City, USA
In the media world, it is very rare to receive quality coaching or sincere mentorship. For me, Véronique is the person who fills that void. She has deep expertise in neuroscience and uses that knowledge to build an intelligent, holistic approach to coaching — which she carefully tailored to suit my needs. I am in a much better place today than I was when I started working with Véronique a year ago. I owe a great deal of gratitude to her for helping me push through what seemed like insurmountable challenges, including parenting during a pandemic. Her ability to express empathy and apply pressure when it's needed is not only professional on her part — but highly effective. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Véronique on a personal level, through laughter and through tears. But perhaps more importantly, I can now go through life feeling understood and supported. She's rooting for me with genuine enthusiasm. And that in itself is invaluable.

Paula R.

Market Research & Consumer Insights Specialist

  • Type: Team coaching, Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coaching with Véronique has been very timely, I was able to get the best out of it. I was returning from a maternity leave, with a lot of emotions at stake. Thanks to the trust within our relationship and the psychological safety that the leadership coaching program provided, Véronique helped me reconnect with what I enjoy the most about my work. Véronique accompanied me in the process of acknowledging my strengths and opportunities. Today I’m a better version of myself, at a personal and professional level.

Oksana K.

Entrepreneur, Professor and international marketing expert

  • Type: Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Lausanne, Switzerland
Véronique is a brilliant, pragmatic and honest person. She will never allow you to lie to yourself. She brings the light on the situation and she grounds you at the same time. Strong analytical skills, creativity in solution finding and visionary thinking help Véronique guide you to the deep understanding of your identity, values and goals. She is an exceptional transformation leader with a successful track record. Véronique has a unique style of being very empathic, absolutely charming and at the same time sharp, clear and direct. It has been a blessing and pleasure to have Véronique as a mentor for over 15 years.

Peter S.

Retired Global Brand Director

  • Type: Individual coaching, Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: New Jersey, USA
I have been a colleague and good friend of Véronique for twenty years now. Véronique has always possessed a unique talent for strategic thinking, drilling down into the issue at hand and then identifying various solutions, all while building and strengthening a brand's image. She tackles issues and business building with a sense of constructive dissatisfaction, always looking to achieve excellence in her outcomes. While a great planner who's a collaborative, energizing team builder, she considers innovative and practical angles to problem solving, ensuring the input of all stakeholders and managing the politics along the way with aplomb. Her voice, thoughtfulness and leadership commands the respect of everyone at all levels of an organization. Véronique is one of the best examples I can think of after working in the corporate world for 33 years, as someone who truly manages with head, heart and hands with a great sense of humor! She's been a valuable mentor and coach to many junior talent, as well as some of her peers, who've gone on to achieve big success. She's always been a trusted advisor to her supervisors, providing unvarnished feedback regarding people and organizational development, as well as the business. Now embarking on her post-corporate life, there's no doubt in my mind that Véronique's passion for inspiring people to find their own voices, strengthening their leadership abilities and building their own "brand" is now her true calling in life!

Zeynep P.

Head of Product Portfolio Management

  • Type: Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: London, United Kingdom
I had a pleasure to cross paths with Véronique 8 years ago when she was Global Director of Marlboro and I joined her team. Since then we've always stayed in contact as she is someone who really touches people's hearts and minds and creates a magnetic impact. She has always been naturally talented in coaching and leadership even before she made a career change. Based on my work experience with her in the past, professional coaching support I got from her and what I heard from others, she has always been a people's person. She has always focused on people's development, helped them flourish and become the best and the strongest version of themselves. She really cares about people and has their best interest at heart. She is very empathetic, a great listener, always asks the right questions and remains objective. Every time I came with a difficulty or problem to solve, she fully understood my issues or feelings, and helped me to come up with the best possible solution or roadmap. With her intellect, vast knowledge, experience and never-ending desire to learn; she approaches every individual in a different way and help them to come up with their own creative solutions or ideas. All in all, it's a true pleasure to know and work with Véronique. She has an amazing personality and a very strong work ethic. I highly recommend Véronique as a coach regardless of people's career stage.

Marco B.

Vice-President Marketing & Sales Asia

  • Type: Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Hong Kong, China
In one sentence, I would describe Véronique as a passionate, charismatic and authentic leader, possessing the rare combination of strategic power and the ability to bring people together, build bridges, inspire and empower diverse teams to deliver against stretching goals. Seldom have I come across Véronique’s unique package of capabilities and characteristics: extraordinary communication skills, contagious positivity, exemplary political savviness, natural team building capabilities and, perhaps most importantly, impeccable trustworthiness.

Naz M.

Marketing Manager

  • Type: Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Toronto, Canada
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Véronique both professionally and personally. As my boss in Switzerland, she coached and mentored me in developing my professional skills and gaining maturity in my role. Several years later I had the opportunity to reconnect with Véronique in New York on a much more personal basis and hired her as my personal coach. She is genuine in her approach which makes you feel comfortable with her instantly. This sets the right foundation for her coaching and the result is an authentic, mutually beneficial partnership because she’s really in it for you.

Sanam N.

Market Intelligence Director

  • Type: Team coaching, Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Toronto, Canada
I met Véronique at one of those stages in life that I was feeling so disconnected from me and desperate for meaning and belonging. She helped me to see new horizons, to see life as a whole and to confront my fears. What Véronique does is basically opening your 3rd eye! She pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, and believe that nothing is carved in the stone! She helps you thrive for your growth and dare to change! She makes you believe that your life is your white canvas and you are the greatest artist to design it the way you want! She gave me courage to step out of my comfort zone and make many big changes in my life! I had a surgery, then changed my job and I’m through my self-discovery journey now where I’m facing my fears every day! She is coaching from the place of love and reminds you to believe in yourself as a whole and let your genuine self to live the life you deserve.