Patricia M.

Head of Consumer Insights & Analytics Latin America

  • Type: Team coaching, Individual coaching
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Mexico DF, Mexico
Véronique has helped me discover myself at another level. I’ve been able to acknowledge my strengths and opportunities in a way that I can take advantage now of both of them. This will support me becoming a better leader and strengthening my connection with others, not only professionally but also personally. Additionally, she has a deep care for people, which makes the individual coaching sessions deeper and creates a trusting relationship that allows growth, for both of us.”

Ebru A.O.

Business Transformation Director and Coach

  • Type: Team coaching, Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: London, United Kingdom
I have known Véronique for over 15 years, several of which we worked closely as peer Directors, as well as managed teams who worked together. Véronique's most exceptional, distinguishing wonder lies in her balanced, equally strong business and organizational leadership. It is rare to find these skills simultaneously and strongly manifested in individuals; Véronique achieves this thanks to her sharp strategic intellect, and deep empathy, perfected through her energy and drive. As a leader, she challenges you, but first and foremost she challenges herself, while creating a safe space for versatile opinions and experiences, consequently driving the team to a co-created direction, that magically sits right with everyone. Véronique has natural aura and presence that cannot be missed, and hence I have watched with admiration how she leads meetings and workshops smoothly, strategically, and creatively. I have worked closely with Véronique's team members, during and after their time with her. They univocally have spoken very highly of her leadership, echoing the beautiful mix of challenge and safety to explore and express. I have witnessed myself on several occasions when Véronique supported her team members and mentees both assertively and lovingly through tough times, which have all led to step-change personal and professional progress for them. Véronique has taught me the importance and impact of a fiercely-driven mind and a fiercely-open heart. Last but not least, she has been a role model for me, with her courage and drive to create and nurture the way to her own North Star.

Dafne G.

Market Research Leader Latin America

  • Type: Team coaching, Individual coaching, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Véronique helped me find a renewed vision of myself, facilitating me with tools to improve my leadership skills. Through our talks, I've become more self-aware and confident of my talents. Véronique guided my team collectively to identify our passion and purpose, to find and build our team values and adopt a growth mindset. She coached me individually as well, giving me confidence and the power to get solutions on a short, mid and long term with clarity. Physical distance was not a constraint, as we had great and honest conversations through digital tools. I have applied my learnings on different contexts other than the professional and I have come across positive results also. Thank you Véronique!

Matthias K.

Director Business Transformation

  • Type: Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Lausanne, Switzerland
I had the pleasure to work with Véronique over several years, both directly and indirectly. Véronique has an abundance of energy in reaching her set goals. She approaches her objectives very strategically and is able to connect dots with a bigger picture in mind, which she never loses sight of. Véronique has the enviable ability to positively engage diverse stakeholders across all levels and functions in an organization, all united in reaching a common outcome. She has strong interpersonal skills, focusing on the development of her team members, but also gives valuable feedback to her peers.

Andrew T.

Head of Behavioural Science

  • Type: Team coaching, Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Bristol, United Kingdom
Véronique was a truly transformational leader for a team in a large global multi-national, which had previously been through several personnel and strategic changes and was in equal need of inspiration and direction. Véronique used her wealth of experience and excellent people management skills to understand the situation, develop a clear and inspiring vision for the team and establish clear objectives to execute the required changes and achieve success. Véronique challenged us to take more ownership of our work, both individually and collectively, and in the process helped all of us better understand our strengths and weaknesses The progress we made as a group was remarkable: from a team lacking identity and purpose to one far more motivated and committed. All of this was achieved through role modelling what was required: the ability to listen, be patient and think before acting; the ability to empathise with others; the willingness to work hard and go beyond minimum requirements; the ability to think laterally and creatively; and finally the ability to work with a smile and willingness to be positive and embrace change.

Morvan L.B.


  • Type: Individual coaching
  • Coaching sector
  • Place: Montreal, Canada
Véronique is an extremely calm and insightful coach. Her careful listening, patience and strength lead her to find the right moment to get you out of your comfort zone and onto the path of change and transformation. Her leadership and extensive experience in strategic and management positions give her a 360° perspective to help you achieve your goals faster.

Giada G.


  • Type: Individual coaching
  • Law sector
  • Place: Lausanne, Switzerland
I started working with Véronique as a coach five months ago when I relocated to Los Angeles from Switzerland. Since day 1, Véronique has perfectly understood my challenges and, through her coaching, made an enormous difference during that transition. Véronique listens, motivates me, and more importantly, challenges me out of my comfort zone to help me reach my full potential. Through her guidance, tailored coaching methods, and exercises, she has helped me find and implement solutions, which have come in handy on a both professional and personal level. I have certainly grown as a person in a very short time, which I owe to Véronique’s professionalism and amazing personality. I am so fortunate to have Véronique as my coach and I look forward to our next session!

Martin M.

General Manager

  • Type: Workshops and retreats, Leadership
  • Consumer goods sector
  • Place: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Véronique and I worked together on a complex global project which included many internal stakeholders as well as external suppliers. Véronique’s insight, positivity and nuanced stakeholder management are the traits that stand out the most. Her work ethic and general preparedness is enviable, everything to the minute detail is planned; however, she is fearless to change course on the fly should the circumstances require it. She quickly grasps the notion of the challenge, brings the teams and decision makers onboard, helps the teams design the best solution and proceeds with execution – oftentimes by organizing and facilitating successful workshops and meetings.