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Uninspired at Work? Then Introduce Creative Play!

Most of us come to work wearing our most grown-up personas possible. We put on our pressed shirts and stiffest shoes, our serious faces and we’re heads down focusing on time, dates, deliverables, budgets, and all those other “officially adult” tasks in our day.

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How coaching helped Letitia make a major career change

Does making a career change make you happier? I coached my client Letitia through stepping away from the "corporate swirl" into an entirely different life and career. Watch her video to see how she feels now that she's switched gears with the help of coaching.

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Dear Melissa: A Letter Encouraging You to Define Your Own Power

Watching the secretary to Governor Cuomo brought out the coach in me. New York is a tough place to establish leadership, especially in politics.

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Summer Doldrums? Take this Pause to Cultivate Serendipity

A slow, locked-down summer is the perfect time to think change. The “doldrums” refers to the area around the equator where sailors can get stuck without wind, often for weeks. This maritime occurrence forces sailing ships to halt their journeys and wait for the air to shift.

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Will Remote Work Make It Even Harder for Women to Get Promoted?

Some of us will be heading back into the office soon, while some will continue working from home indefinitely, or, as boldly proposed by Twitter and Square, forever. But does that mean our careers will stagnate? How will we learn to lead or prove ourselves in this new virtual frontier?

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Women are Successfully Leading Countries — So Why Aren't They Leading More Companies?

As New Zealand’s “Beehive” rattled during a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, Jacinda Ardern remained unshaken during a live interview. She calmly stated that indeed, there was an earthquake, reassuring viewers “we’re fine… we’re in a structurally-sound place,” as she flashed her Cheshire Cat smile.

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Coaching for freedom to lead

This morning, I woke up with an urge to talk to you about coaching and freedom. Before I became an executive coach, I had a long career as a corporate executive. In that role, I was driven to deliver tangible results, on time and under budget.

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Musing on a Career: The Art of Pausing. Cultivating Serendipity

I would like to offer some thoughts about the meaning of careerism, and the importance of pausing to allow serendipity to blossom. While these observations arise from a significant life change for me, I believe they also apply in daily business life.

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